We finally here! After a big ol adventure on some planes & trains & automobiles we made landfall in Vorselaar on Wednesday to start the takeover. Tour dad Gert set us up in some sweet digs out in the country, there’s even a swing set in the backyard. It’s all pretty gravy, man. Daddyo shows up with his euro van when it’s time to head and delivers us to the venue & puts food in our bellies & beer down our throats. We got recognized by the local metal head when we hiked into the grocery store for supplies yesterday. Some punked out weirdos might be the most exciting thing that’s happened round here since they installed the bread vending machine across from the bank.

Last night at Cafe Heuvezicht was crazy!! I swear, Lemmy’s long lost bro was up front janglin his iron cross necklace to the jams. Dude was leathered out in the 90 degree heat. That’s real dedication to the lifestyle. P sure Dog the Bounty Hunter was there too, but he pretended not to know who I was talkin bout. Tonight we playin Déjà Vu out in Oostmalle which looked like a sweet lil dig when we cruised by last night. We’ll keep ya posted on our celeb sightings!!

Stay cool, doggy drool