Dee Dees at the park concert in Zottegem Sup duders! Oh man, we can’t stop kickin out the jams over here. Tonight we crossing the border to play a set in Holland called the Muesikcafe in Helmond, so I guess that makes this officially a ~international world tour~ Pretty fancy, right?? Ya girls out here doin big thangs! Last night at the Burnout was a real killer, some cool moms & dads even brought their lil bulbs from outta town to check the set! The bar owner David’s lil boo was takin a pic with us after the show when Merky asked him if he wanted to go on tour with us and dude goes NOOO WAAAYY hahah, smart kid. There’s no stoppin the cretins from shreddin. When we rolled up there were hella greaser cuties hangin with their bikes so we knew it was gunna be a good time. Shout out to those two babes who bought us a round while we was loadin in, we’ll see you in our dreams. You saw Jelle’s dance moves from the show at the park two nights ago, but I really really really can’t tell you how rad that set was. We out in the round on a huge stage in the middle of a big ol beautiful park, playin to seven hundred people gettin toasty in the sun. Some dudes even started a lil pit up in front! The kiddos here are so well behaved after we finished up there were a couple just goin around the place grabbin everyone’s empties. It’s the little things, Belgium. You did Old Man Harris proud. The night before we was drivin up to the spot Cafe D’Hoeve and DUDE HAD A BOUNCY CASTLE GOIN ON THE SIDE OF THE BAR. Holy spiccoli Seattle, you need to get your shit in order!! You know how fuckin rad it is ta get blitzed and bounce around in a terror dome? About the rad you get when you multiply infinity free beers time Bill Murray showin up at your kickball game. Idk the exact figure on that, but it comes out to a REAL COOL TIME. Maybe if we ask nice we can get one at the band clubhouse. Prolly wouldn’t get too much practicin done, but hot damn we’d be the coolest kids on the block. We got two more shows on this here bad boy tour before we bounce back to the homeland and we gunna make em count. If yous around, hit us up tonight in Helmond or come to our goodbye banger Sunday night in Hasselt at Carpe Diem!! We gunna party till we pooped, thas ferser. Till next time, toodle-oo booboos!