Sup chicken butts! Sorry for the radio silence, things have been coconuts these past few days. I think we left off heading into the Biker Loft show, so let’s start there.

The next morn was our double set at Den Oker during the aft and the Charlatan that night in Gent’s crazy 10 day festival. We love biker bars, so the first set went down real easy singin to a bunch of cuties. The way bars out here treat bands is fucking crazy, they feed you and you drink anything you want for free and they legit love you for hangin tuff at their spot, it’s so fuckin killer and nice. We had a diff tour dad drivin us that day – a big ol goof named Jella – who broke up the day drinkin to take us to his fam farm to feed the goats. When we heard there were cats and bun buns involved, we were stoked. When you’re on the road & you miss your cat you just need some cuddle time, ya know? We gotta chill at the farm for an hour or two before Jella busted us out of town to fight through the festival crowds to make our set.

So like, Gent really does it up. We work festivals back home for three or four days and get tore up, these mother fuckers are doing a TEN DAY STRETCH with a shit ton of stages and ridic amount of artists. Soon as we get into town the police escort us through three diff security barriers, then the promoter for the Charlatan Gerald had to take us the rest of the way. Bustin out your gear in the middle of 10,000 people drunk & trippin was some real Benny Hill shit. Gerald took such killer care of us the whole time, the artist accommodations were so nice and the stage we played sounded so fuckin good. Since these dudes are in the middle of a ten day party the crowd at the show was a big ol swirl of slam dancin & slam romancin. Seriously, prob our fave moment yet. We had some sweet ally digs while we waited for the van to come back to us and while our sound guy Steve was shootin the shit smokin cigs while we waited, dude casually mentions he’s played a big festival out in Washington. Oh yeah, Steve? Where at. Oh you know, the Gorge. Dude! Who’d you play Sasquatch with?? Oh just fuckin MARK LANEGAN. Dou Dou geeked out all over the lil bubs shoes. Some things’ll never change, like how hard she stan the records she loved in hs. We could have stayed and partied forever with the 50 drink chips they gave us, but Jella was a sleepy pup and we had a two hour drive to get back home. Fun fact tho: if you’re not driving, you can have as many road beers as you want. We raided the green room fridge since we were the last band of the night and partied till we were pooped in the euro van. Old Man Harris was out in full effect, tellin us stories bout the 90’s and gum on the sidewalks and shit. By the time we made it home round 5 we’d nearly killed our driver//he’d nearly killed us//we’d perfected the pay-bathroom system so we didn’t piss our pants digging for change in the convenience store.

Next day we was at club in town, 5Voor, so we played it real chill all day. It started to rain again as we were loadin in so we didn’t know what turn out was gunna be like, but hella youngins showed up! There’s a local outfit called the Rawones who came to check us out and give us some swag and some lil babes drove all the way back from a holiday in Berlin to catch our set. The people here are so killer, they’ll catch one show and come back the next night with a posse and pour beer down your throat. A lot of the buds we made followed us to Den Eikel the next night, which was this cute lil place with a fuckin garden patio out back and a proper dining room. It’s so nice to have played enough shows we got a lil crew goin that’ll come hang out and rep us to their friends. Tonight Jellas’s pickin us up to hit up Olen at Cafe D’Hoeve, we’ll let you know what buds show up.