it’s the most wondaful tiiiimmmee of the yeeeeaaar

sup ding dongs! we had all the funs at our september chop suey show with underworld scum + reignition, so we decided to give the kiddies a lil holiday treat and bring the good times back for a halloween porty! we’ve been workin for the weekend’s weekend to get to this thursday and it’s finally comin up milhouse. if you’re down for a jam, skreep over to the sunset on 10/30 to catch your buds + the human flys + underworld scum bring everyone down to the party dungeon. seriously, this lineup could murder a drifter it’s so goddang sharp. plus!! if you like great tastes that taste great together, we’re takin this show on the road all the way up to bellingham on 11/7 for more good times with the flys + the scum bums + the return of reignition from their west coast tour! dont say we never did nothin for ya. check the links below for more info, dont snooze and looze!!