Alright Belgium, y’all are some crazy culottes. Last night at Deja Vu in Oostemalle was so rowdy & rad! We got a real amped crew of buds supporting us through the countryside, and those dudes wanna bum rush the stage and party. They show up early with their Ramones gear on ready to beat that beat and dayyyyannnce. It’s so hype! Janey even got some good tooter kicks in defending her mic from a jumped up carnival barker who was FEELIN IT. After the set when we was havin some chats at the merch table one of the dudes said he messaged CJ about us & Ceej gave us the thumbs up. Are you cheesin me??? CJ Ramone digs our shit!! Holy dang, that feels so good.

We’ve been trucking along in the 90+ heat bringing the jams all over & sweatin our bangs off on stage. Summer in the Bel is no joke, Joe. We’ve never love-hated our straightening irons more. Tonight at the Bikersloft in Oudenburg should be the last of the sweaty bettys for a bit since tomorrow the storms roll in. We’re gunna call the corners on stage during the thunder and give the boys a big ups. I mean, if we don’t lose anyone one on the back of a Harley tonight. It’s 1am, do you know where you’re bassist’s at?? Hahaahah.

Now if you’ll excuse me, I got go lay down in front of a fan for a couple hours. Later gaters!