The Dee Dees Are Not A Girl Band

They are not glittery. They are a tribute band covering the Ramones’ hits from the 70’s and beyond. The Dee Dees are dedicated to bringing back to life the power, speed, and sheer energy of the best Rock and Roll group of all time, the Ramones.

Maebee Ramone fills the shoes of Joey. She is a towering presence on stage. Guitarist Janie Ramone channels Johnny Ramone’s force, as well as his intense attitude. On bass guitar is the one and only Dou Dou Ramone, with a style that rivals Dee Dee’s. Merky Ramone is a human metronome on drums, driving the band’s beat.

Fast, loud, and brief—The Dee Dees bring back the Ramones live shows to their degenerate fans old and new.

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